Datta Kriya Yoga

A Science of Breath & Meditation and Subtle Energy Channeling

Formulated by Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji

What is Datta Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is a science of breath and meditation that strengthens mind and body through the practice of

controlled breathing. Focused yogic breathing quiets the mind and directs the flow of oxygen and prana

(life force energy) through the entire body.

Prana is the vital life force that sustains and awakens the subtle energy system. Once it is activated, one

can enjoy the practical and psychic benefits to body, mind and spirit.

The ancient yogis believed that a life span was measured in breaths. Science has confirmed that the more

quickly one breathes, the shorter the lifespan. Rapid respiratory rate leads to shallow breathing and poor

health. Datta Kriya Yoga is easily practiced by anyone regardless of their physical condition or lifestyle

circumstances. It is easy to learn and can be worked into any schedule. All that is required is a desire to

learn and a little effort to practice.


What does the practice involve?

In Kriya Yoga, mental focus is placed on breath work. Practitioners concentrate on specific

techniques called pranayama to draw oxygen and life force energy into the body, while regulating

inhalation, exhalation and at times, retaining the breath. These techniques are taught in a sequence as

a daily practice for optimal results. Furthermore, selective use of pranayama through- out the day can

become a practical resource for calming the mind, reducing stress and revitalizing the body.

In addition to pranayama, instruction includes various mudras (hand gestures), asanas (seated postures)

and meditation. These complementary components maximize the effects of the breathe work. A proper

and comfortable seated posture can range from advanced cross-legged asanas to sitting in a chair. One

can even practice lying down. Everyone can participate regardless of their physical flexibility.


What are the benefits?

Kriya Yoga has been designed to help relieve the tensions of daily modern life. With regular daily

practice, Datta Kriya Yoga can help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

On the physical level, increased oxygen supports healthy organs that are less susceptible to disease. The

brain responds positively to increased oxygen as well, producing an increase in clarity, concentration and



Kriya Yoga also explores the the subtle body and its subtle energy centers known as chakras, situated

along the Sushumna or main channel for this energy. As prana expands, it transmits a dynamic subtle

energy known as Shakti that penetrates beyond the cellular level reaching down to the DNA helping to

create a deeper level of wellness.


How is it different from other breath work?

Datta Kriya Yoga is a yogic system that originated from the culture and philosophies of ancient

India. Depending on the teacher, it can vary in style and application. This particular style of Kriya Yoga is

a gift of the great yogic master and international teacher, Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, of Mysore India.

It was designed to offer the quickest and most effective results for the student.

Swamiji has intentionally chosen this specific combination of mental and pranic techniques to correct the

imbalances of modern life. He has been teaching Kriya Yoga for over 40 years and is now offering it to

students around the world.


How can I participate in a Kriya Yoga class?

Classes are conducted regularly at the Jesus Datta Retreat Center. Classes and workshops are also

available for health and educational groups, businesses, community and professional organizations, and

private groups. For more information on upcoming Datta Kriya Yoga classes and practice sessions, please

see our events page or   .


The practice of Kriya Yoga is independent of any religious preference. Yoga is a spiritual science that

complements and supports all beliefs. When its teachings are applied, yoga enhances the mind/body

coordination with awareness and conscious intention. It deepens one’s understanding and connection

with oneself and all living beings. This in turn benefits and serves all of humanity.


“Although yoga is employed to achieve health,

it does not stop there. By conferring the power to control the mind,

it certainly shows the way to reach higher realms of Truth.

There may be innumerable spiritual paths, but all paths employ

yoga in one form or the other to reach the ultimate goal.”

-Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji


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Kriya Yoga is a holistic approach to creating well-being of body, mind and spirit. It is not an alternative

to health care. We do not offer medical, emotional or psychological advice. Treatment in any of these

areas should be given solely by your professional health care providers.