Music is a force that unites Humanity the world over. Music has, for centuries, been known to have a pleasing appeal to both humans and animals. Music is a harmonizing factor in today’s world which is full of conflicts and tensions. Transgressing man-made frontiers, Music sends the message of harmony, peace and brotherhood.

Sri Swamiji’s Music transcends from an age-old tradition of Indian musical system called “Raga Ragini Vidya”.  It is celestial in nature. The mysticism of His music is that it is aimed, not so much at the creation of harmony of musical notes, but a harmony of human mind, body and soul. And, what goes into the creation of such harmony is not so much the authority of musicology or the mastership in performance, but the flow of Spiritual Energy springing from the depths of His Transcendental Consciousness.

Sri Swamiji says, “my way of rendering Music and Treatment of Ragas in general is not outside the frame of orthodox tradition. Music is considered as fourth “Upaveda”, namely – Gandharva Veda, in addition to Dhanurveda, Ayurveda and Artha Shastra. I use music as a means of spiritual energy transmission. Some Higher Force takes care of my process, once I decide to heal through Music.”

The principle underlying the concept of Musical Therapy is -“Physical health results from a healthy MIND. “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” (health lives in mind) is a well known dictum. It is common sense that an illness that starts from within is graver and acute than what is contracted externally. If the mind can be kept tranquil and happy, being in the pink of physical health is a foregone conclusion. Music of the right type helps in achieving relaxation by soothing the nerves and through that, peace and stillness of mind. There are strong indications and even concepts in Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Sidha systems treatment that the mind of the patient be treated for physical ailments.”

Sri Swamiji further says, “everybody likes music. One can meditate through music. We know so many stories about music. The ‘puranas’ say that music stimulates flowers to give scent and also animals to give milk, and through music our diseases vanish. All music is music, no problem, but the melodious tunes and soft melodies are especially effective, because each note corresponds to a nerve. Nowadays, so many people talk about healing music.  Though the sounds are capabled of healing, one must know how to operate them, how to heal, which notes, which ‘ragas’ to choose and at what time to play them. So many people do not know.”

“The knowledge about this is called ‘Raga Ragini Vidya’ or ‘Siddhi Vidya’. I think you heard about the ‘siddihis’ of Indian saints. Many people only know about miracles. But miracles are only a part of the ‘siddhis’. They are a kind of ‘siddhi’. Christ also performed miracles, Shankaracharya also performed miracles, many others also performed miracles. They are one part of ‘siddhi’. There are eight kinds of ‘siddhis’. Who has achieved the eight ‘siddhis’ is called a ‘siddha purusa’. These ‘siddhis’ are required in order to heal through music. Music when tuned to our nervous system produces miracles.  A crying child when given suitable sounds automatically goes to sleep. There are particular tunes, particular ‘ragas’, also particular instruments. You know about so many instruments — flute, violin, tabla, guitar, saxophone, etc.  Each instrument has some qualities. When you join the instruments, which nowadays is called orchestra, you get yet another particular quality. You can compare each instrument to a doctor; some doctors are specialized for the nervous system, some for the stomach, some for the heart. A general doctor is called a physician. Like this, each instrument is specialized for different nervous systems.”

Sri Swamiji’s music is famously known for its healing effects.  His music contains soothing and sometimes harsh tones too; both as part of the healing process.  His music elevates the level of consciousness of the listeners, helping them to experience inner peace and harmony.

Every individual represents an ‘aura’, and each musical note represents a dimension of spiritual energy.  Based on an individual’s nature, planetary positions, nature of illness and other factors, Sri Swamiji produces such a music, using suitable instruments and ragas, that is capable of producing the desired vibration and resultant healing.