Sri Swamiji

His Holiness Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, is the founder and senior pontiff of avadhūta datta pīṭham, Mysore, India; His Holiness is one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the present day, and a true representation of the Great Cosmic Power.

His mission is to establish peace and happiness, transform individuals to know the purpose of one’s existence, to live harmoniously with oneself, and with rest of the world. Sri Swamiji uses 3 primary methods to propagate His mission:veda (divine knowledge), nāda (divine music), and yoga(reconnecting with divine life force within oneself).

 swamiji bhajans

Sri Swamiji and veda rakṣaṇa (preservation of vedas)


Swamiji Arthi 

avadhūta datta pīṭham, under the guidance of the current pontiffs, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji, is striving for the propagation and preservation of Vedic knowledge.

Some of the activities related to vedarakṣaṇa are: (1) annual Veda examinations, (2) conferring awards of merit (3) running vedapāṭaśālā (veda schools in Mysore and Pithapuram), (4) priest training centers, (5) conducting seminars and scholarly discourses and (6) disseminating Vedic Knowledge through various publications.

Further in accordance to scriptures, avadhūta datta pīṭhamconducts various yajñams (vedic rituals) from time to time.


 Swamiji Pooja

Sri Swamiji and nāda upāsana (service through nāda)


Swamiji Concert

Sri Swamiji uses music as a medium of reaching out to people. Sri Swamiji’s music is devotional and used for spiritual energy transmission. Humanity is becoming aware of Sri Swamiji’s brilliant compositions, as this mystical musician has performed at prestigious Concert Halls such as the Lincoln Center (New York), Royal Albert Hall of London and Coventry (London), as well as many other large concert venues and cathedrals around the world. Circumnavigating the far corners of the globe several times with His Celestial musicians, Sri Swamiji radiates peace and illumination to humankind through music that is simply out of this world.

Sri Swamiji incorporates ancient ayurvedic wisdom into the healing ragas that are played on an electronic synthesizer, accompanied by musicians on classical Indian instruments. Devotees and concert attendees from around the world have received immense benefit through these uplifting, energizing concerts, everything from physical healing to spiritual guidance, and inspiring experiences of bliss and divine love.

Sri Swamiji, a universal teacher, using principles from ancient scriptures of Sanatana Dharma, accepts all religions as having validity. Therefore, it really does not matter what one’s belief system is, when you are in the presence of this Holy Enlightened Master you can feel what it is like to be enveloped by love and compassion. Sri Swamiji speaks simply and to the heart. He is considered to be a silent teacher, teaching directly guiding each individual through love, devotion and personal experience. To truly experience Sri Swamiji is the beginning of knowing one’s own true self.


Concert Crowd