Jesus DRC


Welcome to Jesus Datta Retreat Center (JDRC) a natural sanctuary surrounded by serene woodlands in the Pennsylvania countryside.

In addition to the uplifting chorus from a variety of songbirds, you’ll surely feel the peace and serenity only found in  a sacred refuge such as this.



A focal point of the Center is the Universal Datta Sanctuary, an exquisite six-sided cedar and glass temple that is available for meditation and prayer in all seasons. There are three powerful rocks at the Center and the Sanctuary was designed and built so as to incorporate the energy of the rocks both within and beside the Center. Construction began on this first building during Sri Swamiji’s two week stay in 1988.

The magnificent three-and-a-half foot Shiva Lingam Crystal is another amazing feature at the Center. Many visitors come to the Center so as to meditate in blissful peace beside the crystal which is at the front of the Universal Prayer Hall.

Behind the Main Prayer Hall, down a winding path through the trees is the Guru Nilayam, which serves as a home for Sri Swamiji and staff during his visits to the Center.  Next to the Nilayam is a rock Koi pond and waterfall, lovingly built by devotees. Throughout the refuge you can enjoy an wide array of flower gardens and native plants placed to enhance the beauty of the land.

Across from the Universal Prayer Hall is the original Prayer Hall. As with all the structures built at the Center, it is a rustic wooden building, cozy and inviting in appearance. This hall serves for smaller workshops, group meetings, Hatha Yoga classes and similar events. It is uniquely designed with a large sliding door, giving it flexibility for indoor and outdoor use.

Above the smaller Prayer Hall is a large room which serves as a dormitory for men . (Guests are asked to bring their own bedding. Bathrooms are located in a separate building near the Prayer Hall. Both buildings are wheel chair accessible.)


Images of Dattatreya, the spiritual trinity, and Anagha the mother goddess, were consecrated on the main rock around which the Sanctuary is now built. Sri Swamiji named each of the rocks after one of the 3 aspects of the trinity. The rock named for Brahma (the creator) remains outside the sanctuary in its natural condition. The Vishnu rock (the sustainer) was carved and painted with a huge “yantra” symbolizing the trinity, and one face of that rock peeks in through a wall of the sanctuary. Shiva (the destroyer of negativity) rock is located in the center of the Sanctuary.


Icons representing world’s various religions are situated at altars within the Sanctuary for personal worship. The Sanctuary is always open and provides a space for devotional singing and worship services at scheduled times. Those who come to sit quietly here experience an inner peace that allows them to listen to their heart and renew or deepen their awareness of God.

The powerful spiritual vibration of the rocks, the serenity and the sounds of nature combine to help one rejuvenate and regain harmony. Many visitors have been healed of physical and psychological problems as well.


With 51 acres of forested land, the Center provides serenity and reveres the spiritual quality of nature. Many forms of wildlife make their homes here – one can often witness a herd of deer grazing close by.
It is truly a place to come and forget the daily responsibilities and pressures, and renew one’s awareness of the presence of God.