Patron Members Swamiji came to DRC more than 30 years ago and stayed at JDRC in tents and trailers.


From that time the center has developed to a wonderful and naturesque sancturary that has its own special power.  Sri Swamiji states that this is like his natural Sukha Vana (bird aviary in Mysore).  The mind is calmed and the senses are drawn into the spiritual path with the energized rocks and crystal Shiva Lingam.  The beautiful nature gives you a glimpse of why so many spiritual seekers went to the woods and mountains to get away from the mundane world.

To preserve this wonderful sanctuary it takes a lot of effort from the volunteers and continued financial support for the maintenance and upkeep.  Sri Swamiji urged all of us to help sustain this center and offered us an opportunity to be a part of it.  Sri Swamiji wanted us to become Patron Members of JDRC and continue the support to help build the Ashrama.

To become a Patron Member of JDRC, a recurring yearly commitment of $1000 in contributions is necessary. Sri Swamiji gives us a great opportunity to do seva as this center is near and dear to His heart.  Help preserve this wonderful sanctuary.

If you would like to become a Patron Member of JDRC, please go to the link below.  We have easy ways to make any payments and have monthly or yearly recurring payments.

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